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At Colette Moses, we take personal responsibility for making African goods readily available for you at affordable prices. We deal with a wide range of African products such as gift items, clothes, arts, crafts, and more. Whether you require African goods for yourself or if you want to get them for someone, we can help you find and value African goods. For more enquiries, contact us through our booking form or you can easily locate us in the local area.

Our Philosophy

Colette Moses values simplicity, accountability, and outstanding customer support. Our ethos is that getting African goods shouldn't be complicated. We ensure that upon visiting us, our customers feel like they could be in an authentic African store, with the goods newly made with love and care. We ensure you receive goods that meet your requirements. Moreover, we treat our customers with respect and regard them as friends. You can trust us and we believe you will enjoy every bit of our store.

Our Products

Being in this business for quite a while now, we really understand the diverse African products better than nearly any other business. Our products are sourced from handcraft artisans, and among other things we stock leather products, stone carvings, wood products, metal products, fabrics,, sisal products, drawings and much more. Under each category, we have something for every type of personality. Make your home look beautiful with pieces from us, or delight someone with a gift they will love. Pay us a visit and see these rare gems.

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